Barcelona Tours 2023


Sagrada familia

Sagrada Familia

Learn more about Gaud’s life via his art and the impact he left behind as you stroll around the basilica. Enjoy the freedom to continue exploring with your newfound knowledge at the end of the trip.

Park Guell

In this Barcelona tour, you also get to visit Nature Square. Go through the park and up the forested hill. Soak in the mesmerizing views of the city from up there.

Park Guell
Barcelona Camp Nou

Barcelona Camp Nou

At the legendary Camp Nou stadium, you can witness the true enthusiasm of Barça fans. You can book a ticket or tour here

Casa Milà

Admire the eye-catching staircases and corkscrew chimneys that have become icons of Gaud’s Barcelona once you are beyond the façade of the unique building on the exquisite Passeig de Gracia.

Casa Milà

Top Barcelona Tours in 2023

Barcelona is a genuinely global city where the modern blends with its palpable 2000-year past, from prominent colleges to world-class sports and historic buildings. We engaged our local experts to compile the ideal guide to spending 48 hours in the Catalan capital in order to completely explore it and take up the city’s culture.

Take a Barcelona tour to uncover its hidden gems, or rather, its alluring grandeurs open to all…

Sagrada Familia Guided Tour

La Sagrada Familia, a huge yet unfinished Catholic church built by — you guessed it — Antoni Gaudi, dominates Barcelona’s skyline. Despite the fact that construction on this architectural marvel, which will become Barcelona’s tallest structure, began in 1882, it is still under construction with an ever-changing completion date years in the future.

Meet your guide outside of the UNESCO-listed basilica to begin your Barcelona tour. Get your first thoughts on Gaud’s unfinished masterwork by gazing up at the massive facades and towers.

Then go inside the church to witness the magnificent interior with its pillar forest. Take in the vibrant light from the stained-glass windows and you’ll understand why Gaud claimed: “the sun is the finest painter.”

A colourful collision of Gothic and Art Nouveau patterns awaits you. With the help of your tutor, focus on the symbolic elements and modernist renderings of the Holy Family. Hear how the present building project is coming along after more than a century of hard effort.

Average Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Price: Starts from €46 per person

Park Güell Guided Tour

Park Güell is a collection of public parks designed by Antoni Gaud, the face of Catalan Modernism, and opened in 1926. It wasn’t much later that this beautiful site was marked on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. While admittance to the park is free, an admission ticket that allows you to avoid the line lets you see some of the most famous pieces of architectural art, such as the Dragon Stairway. We recommend booking your ticket at least two weeks in advance because it is a popular location, especially on weekends.

Explore Park Güell with a guide and immerse yourself in Gaud’s creative vision. Visit the highlights and look for the hidden gems that only a native would know about.

The Serpentine Bench and El Drac, a salamander, are among the numerous sculptures, sinuous seats, and twisted stones on display. Gaud’s hallmark method, trecands, which employs vividly coloured mosaics constructed of shattered tile, is worth admiring.

Step into the Sala Hipóstila, or Hundred Columns Hall, and listen to the superb acoustics while admiring the glistening roof. Stroll through arched pathways built utilizing traditional Catalan methods.

Average Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Price: Starts from €26 per person

Camp Nou Guided Tour

At the FC Barcelona Museum, you can learn about the club’s history and walk in the footsteps of legends like Kubala, Cruyff, Maradona, Guardiola, and Ronaldinho. At the legendary Camp Nou stadium, you can witness the true enthusiasm of Barça fans.

The visitors’ changing room, TV studio, press room, and press box are all accessible. From the tunnel going onto the pitch, experience what it’s like to be an FC Barcelona player and get a panoramic perspective of the whole stadium.

Average Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: Starts from €51 per person

Barcelona Bundle Tours

Gaud is nearly associated with the city of Barcelona. The city’s favorite architect has come to represent the style of a town that is strongly embedded in its surroundings. This is Barcelona at its most lively and fun. This is the most comprehensive Barcelona tour in which the most splendid of Gaudi’s works are available. You will visit three of his residential works, including one that most visitors are unaware of; skip long lines to wander around the lovely Park Guell; and, of course, explore Gaud’s greatest work and final resting place, La Sagrada Familia.

The first stop on your tour is Casa Batlló, possibly Gaud’s most beautiful residential residence (and certainly his most-visited). When you arrive early in the morning, you’ll see some of the brilliant ideas Gaud used to overcome architectural difficulties and disperse light and air across the house’s numerous levels.

A roof built to imitate the scales of a dragon – Barcelona’s magnificent symbol – is undoubtedly a standout. Park Guell is located in the centre of the city. It’s a beautiful mirror of the natural world, half fantastical burst of colour, part serious study of organic structures. Entrance queues have gotten exceedingly lengthy since this became a ticketed facility a few years ago, so it’s a good thing you have skip-the-line access.

Your tour comes to a close in the La Sagrada Familia, as it did for Gaud. On your first visit to La Sagrada Familia, it might be difficult to know where to look, so it’s fortunate you have a Gaud specialist to assist you. You’ll get an hour to explore the church itself.

Because of Gaud’s and his works’ fame, there are huge lineups outside all three of the places you’ll see (Casa Batlló, Park Guell, and La Sagrada Familia), but with pre-reserved access, you’ll breeze right in. Meanwhile, private transportation between destinations allows you to explore more land than you could in a single day. On this comprehensive Barcelona tour of Gaudi’s best works, give him the attention he deserves.

Average Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Price: Starts from €149 per person

Casa Milà Fast-Track Audio Tour

On a skip-the-line audio tour of the Casa Milà (La Pedrera), created at the zenith of Antoni Gaudi’s career, learn about one of the most spectacular and creative structures of the twentieth century.

Admire the eye-catching staircases and corkscrew chimneys that have become icons of Gaud’s Barcelona once you are beyond the façade of the unique building on the exquisite Passeig de Gracia. Visit the rooftop to get a closer look at the sinuous curves and fanciful chimneys.

Lastly, head up to the attic to visit the “Espai Gaudi” exhibition, which is the only one dedicated to Gaudi’s life and work. Scale models, building blueprints, archival images, and movies are on exhibit to learn more about his architectural accomplishments.

Average Duration: Varies as per tourer’s preference 

Price: Starts from €25 per person

Barcelona Segway Tour

See more of the city on this Barcelona tour and enjoy your sightseeing in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. During a quick training session, familiarise yourself with the simple-to-use Segway before hitting the road.

Zip through the tiny alleyways of the Gothic Quarter, which are lined with palaces, churches, artists’ studios, and little stores offering a variety of goods, all within the walls of the old Roman city. Continue through the old centre, up to the Arc de Triomf, and into Ciutadella Park, Barcelona’s oldest park.

Stop at the foot of the Columbus Monument after riding along Las Ramblas. Enjoy a panoramic perspective of Barcelona’s skyline from Montjuic, Tibidabo, and Collserola, the three mountains that encircle the city.

At the historic port, take a deep breath of the sea air. Learn about the historic fishing community of Barceloneta and marvel at the opulent yachts that now abound in the bay.

Average Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Price: Starts from €29 per person