Rome Tours 2023


Rome Colosseum


On this three-attraction guided Rome trip, visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Learn about the Roman Empire’s largest amphitheater, daily Roman life, and the city’s origin location.


A guided Rome tour leading to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel will reveal one of the world’s finest art collections.

Rome Pantheon


Take a guided Rome tour that includes a visit to the Pantheon, which has been in continuous use since it was erected 2,000 years ago as a temple to the gods and is one of the best-preserved examples of Roman architecture.


Skip the lineups and go on a 2-hour Rome tour at the Castel Sant’Angelo with a small group led by a certified local guide.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Top Rome Tours in 2023

The Eternal City, Rome, is the modern-day capital of Italy, as well as a famous center for ancient architecture, history, art, and cuisine. Follow this route to visit Rome by foot over two days, from St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum to the Tiber and Palatine Hill, with plenty of pasta and shopping breaks in between.

Colosseum Bundle Tour

Early morning visits to the Colosseum, Rome’s most recognizable site, are recommended to avoid the throng. Because there is so much to see and do at this ancient marvel, it’s best to arrange a guided tour and let an expert lead you around and answer any questions you might have.

Make sure you have a ticket that permits you to go underneath as well as via the Gladiators’ Gate to stand on the Arena floor – it’s a unique perspective to see things from the perspective of the gladiators. The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the city’s origin, are only a short walk away, and all Colosseum tickets include entry.

After bypassing the admission line, have a tour of the Colosseum while your guide tells you about its history. From the stands, you can see the arena floor and picture war scenes with gladiators and wild animals below.

Then go to the Roman Forum to discover where the social, political, and religious life of the Romans was centered. It was a splendid location at the center of Roman society, with the great marketplace and Julius Caesar’s Temple.

Next, make your way to Palatine Hill, the reputed birthplace of Rome and the centre of the seven hills. From here, take in panoramic views of the city, including stunning vistas of the Colosseum and Roman Forum.

On this Rome tour, your guide will present a picture of native Roman life for your party as you travel down the Via Sacra, the route that connects all three monuments.

Average Duration: 1 – 3 hours

Price: Starts from €31.12 per person

Tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel

Vatican City, bordered by Rome, is the world’s smallest nation and home to the Vatican Museums, which house more than 20,000 valuable works of art and history in 24 interconnected galleries. Although the museum is free on some days, you can’t book beforehand, and the line will eat into your 48 hours — so buy a ticket in advance, and at the very least an audio tour, since the museum’s sheer enormity may be intimidating, and there aren’t many signs.

Get a map at the start and make time to see the Sistine Chapel, which is at the end of this maze of corridors, as well as the Salvador Dali painting in The Collection of Modern Religious Art, which is simply stunning.

Your qualified guide will tell you everything about the intriguing history and details of these locations, leaving you with a wealth of knowledge at the end of the trip. Along the route, marvel at the amazing frescoes and more.

Your local guide will first tour you through the Rotunda, the Tapestry Gallery, and the Map Gallery. The Vatican Museums are filled with magnificent ceilings, old statues, and elaborate tapestries. A full ceiling and wall frescoed by Renaissance great Michelangelo Buonarotti will be a highlight.

See the Creation of Adam in person in the world-famous Sistine Chapel. Listen as your guide tells you about Michelangelo’s inside jokes and hidden meanings concealed within the painted frescoes on the chapel’s ceiling.

Average Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Price: Starts from €37.90 per person

Pantheon Guided Tour

Bask in the beams of light that flood through the Oculus, a nine-meter diameter hole in the dome’s roof, which was supposed to evoke the vault of heaven.

The Pantheon is free to visit at any time, however, weekends and public holidays need a timed ticket that must be reserved in advance online.

Explore the Pantheon’s history on this Rome trip, which began in 25 BC as a temple dedicated to the 12 gods. Raphael, one of the finest Renaissance artists, was inspired by the structure.

Enter through the Corinthian columns, which were carried all the way from Egypt, and tread onto the temple’s original marble floor. Your guide will reveal the technical secrets that have allowed this monument to endure intact from Roman times despite its size and antiquity.

Admire the proportions’ beauty, like Michelangelo did when he first saw this architectural gem, and learn about the pagan logic underlying them.

In 608 on Pope Boniface IV’s instructions, the bones of numerous victims were taken from the Christian catacombs and put in the Pantheon.

Admire the massive dome, which has a diameter of 43 meters and is known for its famed oculus, which allows natural light to illuminate the stunning interior.

Average Duration: 40 – 45 minutes

Price: Starts from €22 per person

Catacombs Tour with Capuchin Crypt

Cool, shadowy places exist beneath the sun-drenched streets of Rome, concealing layers upon layers of history. Air-conditioned transport and direct access to three separate, but equally intriguing ancient sites will help you beat the heat.

Admire the sacred catacombs, where early Christians practiced their prohibited faith beneath the feet of their persecutors. This network of subterranean tunnels served as a place of prayer and burial about 2,000 years ago. Your guide – a local English specialist – will tell you about the rich history of this hallowed site as you tour tombs cut out of solid rock.

The Capuchin Crypt is a must-see. The bones of approximately 4,000 Capuchin brothers were used to decorate this solemn room with exquisite floor-to-ceiling decorations, earning it the gruesome moniker “the Bone Chapel.” Your guide will give you the hypotheses, but it’s up to you to figure out what the robed skeletons and vertebrae chandeliers in the crypt symbolize.

You’ll never view Rome the same way again if you open your eyes to the city’s secret underbelly.

Average Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Price: Starts from €69 per person

Castel Sant'Angelo Tour

Begin your journey at the renowned fortress built by Emperor Hadrian to serve as his mausoleum. Throughout its history, the edifice has served as a private residence for popes, a state treasury, a jail, and a place for public executions.

In under 2 hours, you’ll be able to learn about the castle’s rich history as well as its stunning architecture and artworks. The emperor’s tomb, the papal residence, and the treasure chamber will all be shown to you.

Observe the magnificent angel sculptures that line the Ponte Sant’Angelo, or Angels’ Bridge, as it is known. End the memorable trip with a panoramic view of the city. Also, don’t forget to click awesome photos from the castle’s terrace.

Average Duration: 2 hours

Price: Starts from €49 per person

Rome Street Food Tour

On a walking tour of Rome, sample genuine foods while immersing yourself in the local culture. Unmissable Roman meals include family-run pizza, Suppl (fried mozzarella rice balls), and traditional seasonal specialties from Rome’s Jewish Quarter.

Meet in Piazza del Biscione before starting your tour with a visit to a local charcuterie. There, you may sample some characteristic Italian cured meats as well as some local wine.

After that, sample Suppl, Rome’s well-known excellent street food. Your guide will tell you about the origins of these rice delights in the nineteenth century, as well as how they got their name. Next, stop by Roscioli, a restaurant operated by the founder’s grandsons, for some authentic Roman pizza and Menabrea beer.

Following that, you’ll travel to the Roman Ghetto, Rome’s historic Jewish quarter. Depending on what’s in season, try classic zucchini flower fritters or carciofi alla giudia (deep-fried artichokes) here.

Complete the journey with a wonderful handcrafted gelato from Punto Gelato in Largo di Torre, Argentina, which is home to four ancient Roman temples as well as Pompey’s Theater. At a gelateria that made Gambero Rosso’s Top 10 list of the best gelato in Rome, savor the distinct northern Italian tastes.

Go with a private event for your group or a small-group experience for your group. After finishing this Rome tour digging into delicious Roman delicacies, get tailored insider recommendations on what to do next in Rome’s city center.

Average Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: Starts from €42 per person